5 effective ways to reduce your guest list

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Elaborating the list of guests is one of the most complicated tasks that you will face, because no matter how many you'd like to adjust, it always does not include some guests. We tell you how to reduce it without anyone being offended, nor have any suspicions.


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You're getting married, the date is decided and the preparations begin. You've booked several dates to try on wedding dresses, you've started dreaming about the flowers that your bridal bouquet will carry and you've also commissioned the wedding invitations. However, you also have to think about organizing the guest list. If you'd like to get a good start, take note of these keys.


1. Have clear ideas and clear the doubts

The first thing to know is your budget and it would be best to know in advance the price of the banquet to determine the maximum number of guests that can not exceed the initial list. The same thing can be applied to the rest of the things (if you want to dress a wedding dress that you like so much, first you'll have to study if it fits your budget).    


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2. Set priorities: think about guest groups

Put the family first, the friends later, then other people. At the beginning, put everyone that you would like to invite together, then it will take time to reduce the list and it will be easier to know the order of importance.


3. Reduce the pressure to a minimum

If your parents or those of your partner help you with wedding expenses, limit the number of guests on your part by telling them that it is your day and you want the important people. If you run on your account, explain that you have a limited budget and you can not invite everyone they want. So, as you have agreed on all the wedding decorating ideas or when you chose from the infinite possibilities of gifts for wedding guests, you should also agree with this topic because you have to avoid arguments.


4. When families are very large

If your family is very large, limit the invitations to people who are part of your day to day, with whom there is a closer or close relationship, and exclude those with whom you have no relationship or is more casual and less important for you .


5. Companions yes ... but not the wedding

If you are excited about celebrating it with your co-workers, the best thing for them and for you is to invite them to drink something one day, prepare a special breakfast or snack in the office, something that will be cheaper for everyone and not For it Less special.

How about? Surely you and your partner will agree on many things. And while you decide who to invite and who to not, do not forget to keep looking for bridesmaid dresses online ! Surely everything will turn out perfect!   

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