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During the first month of pregnancy just changes. It is the period in which occurs the organogenesis of the new being, in their first season called embryo and starting from the third month, fetus. In this first month it is recommended that women should stop smoking, or to at least reduce the number of cigarettes to a maximum of four or five a day. In addition, you should not abuse of alcoholic beverages, or taking medication, without first consulting with your doctor. Be avoided to the extent possible vaccinations and exposure to any type of radiation. During the second month of gestation, they begin to appear the first hormonal changes. Occur symptoms typical of this period such as disorders of the digestive tract.

Lost coordination between two nervous systems, the vague and the likeable, and first vomiting and nausea occur. This situation is usually accompanied by abundant spit (anisoscoria) and, at times, light fades. It may happen that vomiting are over to create a State of malnutrition. If the feelings of nausea and vomiting are frequent, it is recommended that food intake is more frequent and in small quantities. Solid or thick foods reduced these disorders rather than liquids. We recommend taking them cold or at room temperature, never hot.

The buccal mucosa and gums suffer modifications from the beginning of pregnancy. Inflamed gums, due to the hormonal action. This may favour the occurrence of caries or worsening of existing ones. To eliminate possible infections is essential to good oral care and, from time to time, visit your dentist. Palpitations, a slight increase of respiratory rate and even dizziness, are common in this period. This month, the mammary gland suffers early modifications: breasts increase in size, and when touching you notice small nodules, nipple areola is darker and increased breast tenderness. Also, because of hormonal action, the thyroid gland can increase in size and cause a slight widening of the base of the neck.

During the third month of gestation the abortion are more likely, so it is important to take certain precautions. Pregnant women should avoid carrying heavy loads, fatigue or drinking alcohol. In addition, it will not undertake long journeys by car. Air travel will only be dangerous in cases where travel at high altitudes, since a decrease in oxygen (hypoxia), can cause congenital malformations. Sex should be spaced throughout the first quarter.

In the event that appear similar to a menstrual pain or have bleeding, mild they are, should take extra precautions. Sexual relations and travel are then prohibited throughout this period and it is advisable to go to the obstetrician before any symptoms, as well as save bed rest. With these precautions and hormonal preparations that now exist is achieved, in the majority of cases, save the pregnancy.

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